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A Sock Company For Kings & Queens

Heirtage was created to make a statement! These socks are more than just your average sock. Heirtage was created to ensure that minority groups are represented in the revolutionary sock culture that has been taking storm. Each sock is a representation of the strength that our people have shown throughout history. Our socks showcases the trailblazers and those who have made a lasting impact in the world.



A person inheriting and continuing the legacy of a predecessor



WE are from a higher deity and we must walk with Kings and Queens everyday.



Valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations.

Heirtage is bigger than a brand it's about community love, chasing your dreams and never letting anything get in the way of your passion.
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Hiertage | Higher Deity Collection

Who are you walking with?


A huge part of Heirtage is understanding our culture and being proud of how we look and feel. Our goal is to uplift everyone in the community one sock at a time. We want to bridge the gap of giving genorously and also creating a sense of pride in the homeless community. There's an old saying that it takes a village to raise a child. We'd like to add to that and say it takes a village to uplift the forgotten people in our community.


Whether you want to add some flavor to your collection every month or give back to those in need we will provide you with whatever suits you best!


Who are you walking with?

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